Stiltz Safety Features

All Stiltz Home Lifts are fitted with advanced safety features which always factor in user comfort and security. We take the safety of our customers extremely seriously. Our home lifts have been designed and tested to make them simple to use and dependable to own.

Light Curtain

A unique light curtain acts as an emergency stop device. Lift travel will cease immediately if the light curtain is breached, not at the point a limb becomes trapped.



Sensors Top and Bottom

The safety pans on the top and underneath the lift car have multiple microswitches all of which detect contact with immovable objects, stopping the lift immediately or preventing it from moving should something or someone be stood on the lift car lid upstairs.


Winding Mechanism Safety Features

The hoist at the top of the lift car is the heart of our home lift’s mechanical and electronics technology and this is where many of the safety features are concentrated.

The drum has automatic fall arrest detection so if the lift were to suddenly accelerate, a brake would be applied to the cable drum and bring the lift to a gradual and safe stop. Sensors also monitor the balance of the home lift care and detect if the lift is overloaded.

Lift Car Safety

The lift car door locks automatically and will not open while the lift is travelling. Only once the lift reaches its final position will the door auto-unlock.


Specialist Protection

Stiltz are able to customise safety levels within the home lift to allow for individual circumstances. For example, we recently installed a lift into the home of a young, wheelchair-using person who wasn’t able to control his body resulting in involuntary movements which could be quite extreme. In order to protect him while travelling in his home lift, we undertook some bespoke work on the inside of the lift, partnering with a specialist provider to fully line the interior surface with padding to reduce risk of injury, as well as moving elements of the lift’s interior to make it as safe as possible to use.


Stiltz Home Lifts wheelchair lift is fully compliant with all fire safety regulations and the company is certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001: 2018 and BS EN ISO 14001:2005 as well as the European Machinery Directive.

For more information, register on our ProPortal for dedicated information aimed at Healthcare Professionals and those working with clients who have accessibility needs.

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