Standing/Perch Lifts

Stiltz Duo Home Lifts

All Stiltz Home Lifts travel on 2 slim vertical rails which are positioned at the sides of the lift car and fix to floor and ceiling, with the car running on them between floors. The rails are self-supporting so there is no need to drill into load-bearing walls.

For customers who are able to walk into and out of a home lift and are not deemed to be in future need of a wheelchair, a 2-person, compact Duo Home Lift should be specified – especially where space is at a premium as the Stiltz Duo is one of the most compact home lifts available.

The Duo Homelift range comprises the entry-level, solid-sided Duo Classic, the clear-sided Vista and the premium, curved, clear-sided Duo+.

  • Optional internal grab handles
  • Perching seat option
  • Powered door option
  • 2 remote controls as standard
  • Battery back up
  • Load sensors – lift won’t travel if overloaded
  • Full height light safety curtain – breach the curtain and the lift will auto-stop
  • Automatic, built-in braking mechanism
  • Safety auto-stop pressure sensors to top and bottom of lift
  • Auto-lock/unlock when lift travels/stops

Read Christopher Knowles’ Customer Story here – this link will open in a separate window.


The Standing/Perch lift is best for

  • Elderly users who do not rely on a wheelchair
  • Arthritis sufferers
  • Those with knee problems
  • Ambulant customers with walking sticks or frames
  • Properties with limited space
  • Installing into a cupboard
  • Single users who do not need to be accompanied

Standing/Perching Home Lift Gallery

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