The Future of
Assisted Living

Stiltz Home Lifts are an accessible living game-changer. A cross-over product that fulfils the needs of wheelchair users and those with reduced mobility as well as being a product of choice for those who simply wish to have a Home Lift in their property to make life just that little bit more comfortable.

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About Stiltz Lifts

Stiltz believes everyone should have access to the same range of attractive and well-designed items of domestic equipment which promote inclusion and encourage mental well-being. Take a look at our products and learn about their safety features.

Trio Home Lifts

Trio is the Stiltz product designed to carry 3 persons or a full-sized wheelchair. Trio is available in different sizes and finish levels suitable for most applications and budgets.

Duo Home Lifts

Duo Home Lifts are a very compact product which accommodate 2 people standing or a single person perching. Available in a range of finishes dependent on budget and needs.

Stiltz Safety

All Stiltz Home Lift products comply with UK and International safety accreditations. The lift cars are fully enclosed specifically to prevent limb trapping and have sensors inside and out.

What the Experts Say…

The Professional’s Perspective 

Hi, I’m Stuart Barrow, Stiltz Home Lift’s Occupational Therapist and owner of Promoting Independence. I have specified Stiltz products for my own clients in the past and believe Stiltz provides positive outcomes for many people who need adaptations to help them remain in their own homes. Click on the videos below, where I explain more. 

Stuart Barrow

Why Choose Stiltz?

Stiltz Home Lifts entered the market to make a difference. To demonstrate that home lifts – which take up significant space in most users’ homes – can be functional, practical AND attractive just like any other appliance. Whatever a user’s condition they deserve a well-designed, affordable product.


Visit this section to read about some of the various, age-related mobility, chronic or progressive conditions where installing a unique Stiltz Home Lift product can help many of our clients to remain living independently in their own home.


If you’re an Occupational Therapist, Health Impact Assessment Professional or a Clinician, you can find FAQs in our Occupational Therapy Portal relating to specific questions you might have related to specifying or installing a Stiltz Home Lift.


Sign up to our exclusive Occupational Therapist Portal. Once verified, you can browse through the Stiltz CPD, Case Studies, Frequently Asked Questions and take part in webinars aimed at addressing specific Clinician questions.

Customer Stories

Some of our customers purchased their home lift privately others were referred by Healthcare Professionals. Here, they talk about why they chose Stiltz.

Professional's Portal

Sign up for our password-protected professional's portal and get access to Stiltz Home Lifts’ CPD on how to assess for a home lift, literature and answers to Occupational Therapy-specific FAQs.

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