Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of FAQs that we receive at Stiltz. If you have any further questions, please drop us a line at

What is the Stiltz Home Lift?
The Stiltz Home Lift is an innovative and unique domestic lift designed to make life easier when the stairs in your home start to become too much. Stiltz domestic lifts are an ideal alternative to a stairlift or hydraulic home lift.
Is a Stiltz Home Lift suitable for wheelchair users?

Yes. Stiltz Home Lifts offer the Stiltz Trio Wheelchair Lift which is ideal for users with mobility issues as it gives them the freedom and independence to move around the home unhindered.

The Trio is wider and deeper than Stiltz Duo Home Lift and can accommodate a standard-sized wheelchair. It is an ideal alternative to a stairlift and perfect for users with a walking frame.

Can I stay in my home for longer with a Stiltz Home Lift?
Yes. Many customers chose a Stiltz Home Lift to help them ‘future proof’ their property. This means you can continue to live a full life in the family home for many years to come.
How much space will a Stiltz Home Lift take up in my home?
The Stiltz Home Lift has one of the smallest footprints on the market for a domestic lift – its compact footprint is less than a square metre (0.55m2).
Where can I install my Stiltz Home Lift?
A Stiltz Home Lift is very flexible in terms of where it can be installed. Due to its size, drive mechanism and unique dual rail supports, the domestic lift can be installed almost anywhere in the home. The lift can even fit discreetly into small spaces or room corners.

Typically, the Stiltz Home Lift is fitted in a hallway or living room and travels upstairs to a main bedroom or landing area but there are many other – almost limitless – options too.

The Stiltz team can install the lift in the void of a stairwell, a galleried landing, or even a cupboard. Space permitting, it can also take centre stage in the middle of a room.

How is the Stiltz Home Lift powered?
The Stiltz Home Lift uses a steel roped drum-braked gear motor drive system which means it is compact and neatly self-contained within the roof space of the lift car itself. Unlike other lifts, all of the mechanics are in one place, hidden from view. The domestic lift plugs straight into a standard 13amp wall socket.
Can I operate the Stiltz Home Lift with a remote control?
The Stiltz Home Lift includes two small remote controls so you can call it at any time, from either floor at your convenience.
Does a Stiltz Home Lift require load bearing walls?
No. Our unique dual rail system creates a completely self-supporting structure. The weight of the entire structure and lift are in compression through the rails into the floor of the home. The Stiltz Lift does not add any extra burden on a home thanks to this innovative technology.
What happens if the power fails and I am in my Stiltz Home Lift?
In the event of a power cut to the home all Stiltz domestic lifts are equipped with a battery back-up facility. This is included as standard with the lift and will allow anyone in the lift at the time of power failure to gently descend to the lower level of the home, exit the lift, and wait until the power comes back on.

We do also offer the option of an uninterrupted power supply. This system can be installed at an extra cost but will allow for numerous trips both up and down while the main power to the lift is out.

Are Stiltz Home Lifts noisy?
The Stiltz Home Lift does not require noisy hydraulics or any extra external mechanisms and thanks to its unique drive system, the lift is very quiet and makes less noise than most stairlifts.
What building work will need to be carried out?
Unlike conventional lifts, all that a Stiltz Home Lift requires for installation is the appropriate aperture to be cut out and trimmed by a qualified builder. The work itself is minimal and not time consuming. There may be instances where small amounts of additional work may need to be carried out such as moving pipes but these will be managed by our building teams and our surveyor will discuss this with you.
How long does it take to install a Stiltz Home Lift?
The Stiltz Home Lift is the easiest domestic lift to install on the market. Once the aperture in the ceiling has been prepared by a qualified builder, our team can usually have the lift operational in one day. The price of installation is included in your initial Stiltz quotation. The pre-installation building part of the process is organised by Stiltz but can also be arranged by yourselves, if you prefer.
Do I require planning permission to install a Stiltz Home lift?
No. The maximum requirement needed to install a Stiltz Home Lift in your home is a standard building notice application which involves an inspection by an authorised independent body, usually during the building phase. This process is organised on your behalf by Stiltz Lifts.
What is the lead time for a Stiltz Home Lift?
The normal lead-time from placing your order for a Stiltz Home Lift to project completion is from six to eight weeks. This allows enough time for the aperture to be cut and trimmed and the lift to be manufactured and installed.
What happens if I do not require my Stiltz Home Lift in the future?
A Stiltz Home Lift is simple to remove and you can take it with you if you decide to move house. It is very straightforward to reverse the aperture opening and seal it and your home will look as if the lift was never there. You may, however, decide to keep the lift in position as a domestic lift can add value to your property. It therefore can be an attractive asset when selling your home.
What compliance or standard code does the Stiltz Home Lift comply with?
All Stiltz Home Lifts fully comply with the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. This compliance allows all Stiltz Home Lifts to have a CE mark, allowing the products to be legally sold throughout Europe.
How safe is the Stiltz Home Lift?
The Stiltz Home Lift has safety sensors fitted above and below the lift car which detect obstructions and smoothly stop the car. The lift is also fitted with a full height light curtain which acts as a sensor and ensures nothing crosses into or out of the lift as it travels. Stiltz engineers are on call 24/7 in the event of a lift emergency.
How in control of the Stiltz Home Lift am I?
The Stiltz Home Lift is fitted with hold-to-run press button controls ensuring that the occupants are in total control of the lift moving at all times; if you remove your hand from the button, the lift will stop.
Does the Stiltz Home Lift have a door?

Stiltz domestic lifts are fitted with a self-closing, half height hinged door that provides a physical barrier during the operation of the lift. The door locks will release when the lift arrives safely at the floor of choice.

What is the load capacity of a Stiltz Home Lift?
The Stiltz Home Lift is restricted to a carrying capacity of 170kg, 27 stone or 375 pounds (Duo) and 250kg, 39st or 550lbs (Trio). If this weight limit is ever exceeded, the weight limit sensors will not allow the lift to travel. If the lift, for whatever reason is ever out of balance, a number of sensors will detect this and also prevent the lift from travelling. This is to ensure the safe working of the lift for all occupants.
Does the Stiltz Home Lift include a fall arrest mechanism?
The entire weight of the Stiltz Home Lift is carried on two very strong steel cables. In the unlikely event that these cables were to break or lose tension, the patented fall arrest mechanism inside the lift will activate and not allow the lift to move. This ensures the absolute safety of all occupants at all times.
Can I change the look of Stiltz Home Lift?
Yes. Each Stiltz Home Lift can be tailored to your specific taste. The carpet, rail and lift car colours can all be changed to suit your home. Stiltz Lifts also offer a range of different seats and handrails.
Does the Stiltz Home Lift have lights inside?
The Stiltz Home Lift features attractive contemporary LED lights at the top and bottom of the car for ease of use at night.
How much energy does the Stiltz Home Lift consume?
The Stiltz Home Lifts is powered by a 13amp power socket like any household appliance and uses no more power than a kettle, toaster or microwave.
How often will my Stiltz Lift need servicing?
Stiltz Lifts recommend that you have your Stiltz Home Lift serviced one a year to ensure that the lift is functioning properly and that all safety features are working correctly.
How long is the warranty on a Stiltz Home Lift?
Every Stiltz Home Lift includes a comprehensive 12 months parts and labour warranty. Additional warranty can be purchased at any time during or after the initial 12 month period has passed.
Are Stiltz Lifts a member of any recognised Trade Association?
Stiltz Lifts are members of the British Healthcare Trade Association (BHTA) – the UK’s largest and oldest healthcare organization.
What is the cost of a Stiltz Home Lift?
A member of the Stiltz Lifts sales team will visit your home and provide you with a personalised quotation based on your individual needs after a full site survey.
Is VAT applicable on a Stiltz Home Lift?
VAT is chargeable on all Stiltz Home Lifts but if you are disabled or have a long-term illness you may be exempt from paying VAT on products designed or adapted for your own personal or domestic use.  If you think you may qualify for VAT relief, please request an exemption form from a member of the Stiltz sales team.
Am I able to receive a Disabled Facilities Grant for a Stiltz Home Lift?
You may be eligible for a Disabled Facilities Grant if you are disabled and need to make changes (including the installation of a domestic lift) to your home which would improve access to rooms and facilities. A Disabled Facilities Grant will not affect any benefit payments you receive.

To learn more about the DFG, please read our Information Sheet here.

How do I contact Stiltz Lifts?
If you would like to speak to a member of the Stiltz Lifts sales team or arrange for us to visit your home please contact on 0330 222 0334 or email 
What happens if my lift stops working?
If your lift stops for any reason, please contact us 0330 222 0334 to speak to our customer helpdesk or to access our out of hours emergency call out service.