New Frontier: Man with Rare Tremor gets Beamed Up a Level with New ‘Star Trek’ Stiltz Trio+ Home Lift

A man with a rare neurological condition which leaves him with extreme ‘shakiness’ in his legs has discovered how to remain in his two-storey home after becoming the first person to have a new state-of-the-art Stiltz Trio+ Home Lift installed.

Peter Kilburn, 62, from Whittlesey in Peterborough, suffers from Primary Orthostatic Tremor and is unable to stand or walk for any length of time. There are only thought to be about 150 people in the UK with the condition, which is otherwise known as OT. There is no cause and currently, no cure.

Mr. Kilburn noticed his legs started severely aching seven years ago but was not diagnosed with OT until 2016 when he began experiencing high frequency tremors in both limbs. His condition has grown progressively worse to the point where he was finding it extremely difficult to use the stairs in the four-bedroom detached home he shares with his wife, Vivien.

The Kilburns had been living at the property for 14 years and were very settled in the home and the area. Being faced with the prospect of having to sell up and move from their beautiful home and downsize to a bungalow was very upsetting for them.

“My mobility had become extremely limited because of my Primary Orthostatic Tremor,” admitted Mr. Kilburn. “It’s something I’ve had to accept and adapt my life to suit it. When I first wake up it’s too difficult in the morning for me to even take a few steps.

“Once I’ve taken my medication, I can usually walk for short distances but it can take three or four hours for the tablets to start working. When we go out, I use a wheelchair, as it’s just easier and I also have a mobility scooter to get around. We did take a look at moving to a bungalow but it was a frightening thought as we didn’t want to leave our home.”

The couple looked at mobility aids but were really against buying a stairlift so instead, after some detailed online research they became the first customers in the UK to have the second generation Stiltz Trio+ Home Lift. Disabled lifts by Stiltz are attractive and ergonomic lift has a subtle, contemporary feel and looks like something out of a Star Trek movie. Now Mr. Kilburn can move from floor to floor independently and in style; and all at the touch of a button.

Mr. Kilburn said: “We spoke to a couple of estate agents and they sent some details about bungalows on the market but, in the end, we never actually viewed any as couldn’t face a move. Instead, we started looking at mobility aids. A stairlift was not an option for me because we didn’t like the way they look. I also felt nervous at the thought of sitting on a chair on the stairwell. I was familiar with home lifts and decided to go for one of the new Stiltz lifts.”

The couple decided to incorporate the lift into a new extension and extensive home renovation project which involved widening doorways and creating level downstairs access throughout. The extension was on the side of the house and included a new office for the Kilburns to work from and run their education publishing business. The Stiltz travels on self-supporting rails up to a dressing room and second en-suite bathroom. “I don’t use the stairs at all now,” said Mr. Kilburn.

“The lift has given me back full access to my home and has improved my life immeasurably. It’s great for carrying things up like suitcases. It looks good and is very easy to use. It’s a great idea.”

Stiltz offer a range of disabled lift solutions for users with disabilities. Click on the link or contact us for more information.

The lift has given me back full access to my home and has improved my life immeasurably. It’s great for carrying things up like suitcases. It looks good and is very easy to use. It’s a great idea…